What is GridDB?

GridDB is a database that offers both speed and scaling
for mission critical big-data applications

High Performance

High Performance

Focus on real-time performance
to allow access, update and
search with no delay, supporting various types of data structures

Traditional “memory first, storage second” type of structure stores primary data in the memory and passes other data on to storage devices such as SSD or HDD. In contrast, using in-memory-oriented architecture, GridDB provides higher computing power to process petabytes of big-data.
Expanding from the “key-value” model, GridDB uses the “key-container” data model to support times-series data, and two-dimensional and three-dimensional space data.

High Scalability

High Scalability

Easy to scale out/down
in response to capacity and performance

Due to the unpredictability of future storage needs, it is important to have the flexibility of starting with a small initial investment on limited number of servers. As the amount of data and performance demand increases along the way, GridDB allows the possibility of increasing the number of servers for the need of larger data processing demand with no interruption to the ongoing service/application. Businesses benefit greatly from such scale-out under non-interrupted operations.

High Reliability

High Reliability

Non-stop operations
even under failures

GridDB's cluster management system combines the benefits of “master-slave” and “peer-to-peer” types to form a hybrid cluster management system, which implements autonomous control to eradicate SPOF (single point of failure).
Even if server failure occurs, GridDB still keeps running. By applying the “key-container” data model, GridDB consistently keeps the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) at the container level within the database.

About Open Source

GridDB is now available as an open source software.
The community of GridDB is also launched.

Please join the community on GitHub to access to the source code
and more information about GridDB.

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